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Web Accessibility Policy

We at the Twisp Terrace Lodge are committed to providing services, both on our website and at our Lodge, for persons with disabilities.  We are committed to providing these services in a manner that respects and promotes the dignity and independence of all such persons.  It is our policy to remove barriers to the access to and enjoyment of our services whenever and wherever we can, within resource parameters that recognize that the Lodge must operate as an independent business and so cannot spend more money than it brings in.  We welcome your comments and suggestions in further improving on our efforts.


Website Access


Nearly every visit to our Lodge begins with a visit to our website, and so we strive to make that website fully accessible to persons with disabilities.  To do so, we meet the criteria set forth by the Web Accessibility Initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium.  We are constantly looking to make improvements on our web accessibility.  If you have a suggestion, a comment, or a complaint, we urge you to email us at  We will try to respond within 48 hours.


Lodge Access


The work to transform the Twisp Terrace Lodge from a (residential) secret exclusive retreat to a romantic getaway focused nearly entirely on safety and accessibility concerns.  We added ramps, walkways, guardrails, handrails, lighting, a wheelchair lift, and other improvements designed to make the Lodge welcoming to all.  We completely tore out and rebuilt one of our 11 rooms to enlarge the doorways and to add a roll-in shower suitable for a person in a wheelchair.  The whole point of this effort, as far as we are concerned, was so that persons with disabilities may stay at the Lodge in dignity and comfort, and enjoy the tremendous natural beauty of the Methow Valley.  Did we miss something?  Is there something we could do or add that would make visits more comfortable and welcoming for persons with disabilities?  Please let us know in person or at  Your comments are welcome and help us make the Lodge--and our little piece of the world--a better place!  

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