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What Will You See


Rockchuck Ranch surrounds the Twisp Terrace Lodge and is completely available for your exploration and use.  The Ranch is more than 300 acres and occupies a mostly smooth terrace formed by the last Ice Age.  The ranch includes 100 acres of hay fields dedicated to an alfalfa/grass mix, a horse barn and other outbuildings, acres of fruit orchards, hiking/biking/skiing trails, a mile of Beaver Creek frontage, and several stands of aspen and cottonwood.  To the west, the ground falls away steeply and offers terrific views of the Methow River valley and Cascade Mountains.  Mount McClure is also to the west.  To the south you can see down valley for miles; the Columbia River is 30 miles away.  To the east the terrain rises towards Loup Loup pass and the gateway to the Okanogan Valley. 

Explore the Ranch


Visit the horse barn and say hello to the horses, chickens, and barn cats.  Cookies (or apples or carrots in season) for the horses and chicken treats are by the barn office.



Take the pedal boat for a spin on the pond, or watch the waterfowl.  If you want to try to catch (and release) one of our enormous trout, sign up for our flyfishing activity.  We discourage you from swimming in the pond at any time, and please do not venture out on the pond ice in winter no matter how many deer you see doing so.  They don’t mind an occasional chilly swim!



You can run, walk, hike, bicycle, cross country ski, or snowshoe without ever leaving the ranch. We have trail maps in the pub, or download one here. Bicycles and helmets are available for complimentary use on the ranch.


Beaver Creek is a cool and inviting stream in the hotter months.  Splash around or watch the fish work their way up to their spawning grounds.  If you sign up for a tour with Methow Explorations and decide to stay on the ranch, a walk along Beaver Creek is an excellent way to learn about nature and wildlife!




The Picnic Gazebo is the perfect place for a picnic or gourmet barbeque.  It is also a gathering place for many of our on-ranch activities.  In the fall, herds of wild deer start their days’ foraging from the Gazebo, and if you show up early you will spring them out of bed!



Our Sand Volleyball court is a half mile from the Lodge near the Northwest View Point.  If you challenge our staff to a game—or even if you do not—we will give you a ride to get there.  It is also a beautiful walk.  Volleyballs and drinking water are kept onsite during the spring, summer and fall.


The Ranch has nearly 300 fruit trees in production, mostly in our orchard near the main gate.  Fresh fruit from these trees is available from early June through November; during the other half of the year we are treated to our own freshly made preserves, sauces, jams and jellies.  There are several varieties each of apples, cherries, pears, plums, apricots, nectarines, and even grapes in production.  Please enjoy a freshly picked fruit or two while walking around the Ranch!


Rockchuck Ranch is a working ranch with 100 acres in alfalfa/grass hay production watered by two enormous rolling irrigation pivots as part of a water conservation system designed by the Department of Ecology.  The pivots move slowly but sometimes unexpectedly; please do not sit on or under the irrigation machinery tires.  You will see eagles, hawks and other wildlife perching on the irrigation machinery since it makes a terrific viewpoint, but such behavior is not safe for humans!


From time to time Angus heifers (lady cows) are brought down from their mountain grazing pastures to spend time on the Ranch, usually when getting ready to deliver calves.  These ladies are smart, savvy survivors of the Cascade foothills and notorious escape artists, so you may see them wandering around the Ranch if we have not yet rounded them back up.  They spend their summers dodging mountain lions and packs of wolves and so are not at all afraid of you; they are also not the slightest bit aggressive and if they approach it is just because they are looking for a handout.  Please help us by keeping gates closed and by letting us know if you had an unexpected hiking partner!

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