Fishing Season Returns! (for Eagles)

This winter, we let the pond ice over. Part of the reason for this was that last year we kept the pond open and although this was appreciated by over-wintering ducks, the pond also became a favorite snack bar for bald eagles. Our joy at the sight of our majestic national bird flying low over the hayfields was tempered by the realization that it had one of our 30-inch trout hanging from its talons. This happened many more times than once, and some days more than a dozen eagles would be hanging around the pond waiting for the urge to strike.

So this year we turned off the aerators and let the pond freeze. We still had eagles perched above the pond, but now they had kind of a droopy disappointed look, hah!

Yesterday it was 50 degrees, and all of our snow is disappearing fast. Our pond ice is thinning too, and the eagles have noticed. Here, for example, is a cute couple on one of our wildlife trees near the road. They are thinking that sushi sounds yummy!