Barn Cats on Probation

Barn cats have an important mission here at Rockchuck Ranch: keep mice out of the hay, out of the grain, out of the chicken food, and out of sight. Our barn cats must also learn to neither stalk nor molest the chickens.

Barn patrol is a tough, 24-hours-a-day job, requiring constant vigilance. Our cats, who were hired as kittens to get them used to the chickens (and chicks), started out strong. In recent months, however, there has been far too much of this:

And this:

And not nearly enough of this:

OK, we actually do not have any pictures of the barn cats throwing down on any mice: that is the point! Blue is standing in to give you the idea of the kind of bloodthirsty eye-of-the-tiger enforcer we are looking for (but do not look too closely at what is in his mouth)!

And the mice are taking advantage. This little fella has made himself a comfy home in the heated and insulated cat room, inches from the cats' food dish:

So shape up, cats! And good dog, Blue!