Last of the Winter Views

With the snow totally gone it might be nice to show some last of the season's winter pictures. Here's a view of the Lodge from the West:

Yes, it has all new roofing. Our website picture is of the old roof(s) (or should it be "rooves?"). We like this one much better!

And here is a last winter view from the the Escarpment Trail looking East:

The fruit orchard has been trimmed and is ready to go. We have been training the barn cats to keep the birds away from the cherries. OK, not really, but it would be cool, and much better than those shiny foil strips:

This is Sphinx, by the way. If she starts walking towards you step back unless you don't mind her jumping onto your shoulder. She only digs her claws in if she feels herself slipping, or if a loud noise startles her, or if you breathe.

Here is Sphinx's brother Phoenix, caught red-handed not keeping the chickens out of the cat food in the cat's heated winter quarters:

Goodbye Winter!