Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the Lodge adults only? 

Yes!  The Twisp Terrace Lodge welcomes guests age 18 and older (you must be 21 to be the primary room guest).  Younger children of any age are welcome with full-Lodge rentals.

When is Check-In/Check-Out? 

Check in is from 3 PM until 6 PM.  If you are going to check in later please contact us.  If you would like to check in earlier we offer early check in for a fee.

Check out is 11 AM.  If you would like to check out later, we offer late check out for a fee.  If you are leaving early in the morning, before breakfast, let us know and we will get you something to eat to start you on your way!

Are pets allowed? 

For the safety and comfort of our guests, and for their own safety, pets are not allowed at the Lodge at any time.  Service dogs (only) are allowed as the law requires pursuant to our Service Animal Policy.  The Methow Valley offers two boarding facilities for pets:  Aspen Kennels and Rover’s Ranch.  Our dogs, barn cats, horses, chickens, and other assorted friendly animals will keep you company while you are away from your furry loved ones. 

Can you arrange for my group to be brought from Seattle in a Limo-bus, and then transport us to activities during our stay at the Ranch?  Yes!

Do you have adjoining rooms? 

We do not have adjoining rooms.  However, we suggest pairs and larger sets of rooms for groups who want to be close to each other.  See our Gather page.

How do I change/cancel/modify my reservation? 

Contact us!

Do you charge a resort fee? 

No.  Resort fees are stupid.

Is breakfast always included? 

Yes!  If you will not be around for breakfast because you are leaving early in the morning (breakfast is at 9:00 AM), let us know and we will fix you up with something yummy!

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?  

Yes!  We always offer gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.  We can accommodate other dietary restrictions with advance notice to our chef. 

Are you ADA compatible? 

Yes!  We have one room that is ADA compliant and has a roll-in shower with folding bench.  The Lobby, Pub and dining rooms are accessible by Lift, and the Pool and Spa Pool are also accessible.  Since the Lodge is a ranch-style building, most rooms are on the same level.

Do Rooms Have Televisions? 

Most of our rooms are TV-Free.  There are also satellite-TV screens in the Saloon and in the Cascade Room.  The Theater has Netflix and a selection of DVDs.  If you wish we will deliver a flat-screen monitor to your room along with a DVD player.

What is a Rockchuck? 

A Rockchuck is a yellow-bellied Western marmot, about half the size of a beaver.  Rockchucks abound on the Ranch.  They hibernate most of the year in deep burrows.  You can see them sunning themselves on rock piles from May through July. 

Can I hunt on the Ranch? 

No.  The Ranch is a nature preserve.  You will see many deer, quail, grouse, and turkeys, along with other game animals.  There is good hunting up in the hills near the Ranch. 

Can I fish in the Pond? 

You may only fish (catch and release) as part of a Lodge flyfishing activity, for which there is an additional charge.  You are welcome to throw the fish some food (from the can near the dock), and we think you will be impressed that trout can get that big!

Infrequently Asked Questions

Can I fly my drone around the Ranch? 

The Ranch is a no-drone zone UNLESS you have rented the full Lodge and have obtained prior permission, in which case, Yes!

Can I bring my horse to ride around the ranch, and then afterwards can I leave him with you to take care of for a few months until I pick him up again? 

No.  However, if you have rented the full Lodge and want to bring your own horses (and promise to take them with you at the end of your stay), and if you let us know well in advance, sure!  We have abundant extra corral space and usually some enclosed stalls available.

Is the pool long enough for Olympic lap swimming (50 meters), and if not can you please make it long enough? 

No to both questions.  The new pool, completed in 2017, is 50 feet by 20 feet.  Changing the dimensions of the pool would be a big project, so we are kind of stuck with its current size.  It is quite large enough for fun!

Is the Pond deep enough for submarines? 

No.  Also, since this is probably the next question, swimming in the pond is not permitted.   You can splash in Beaver Creek or float the Methow River; we can help to arrange the latter!

Do we eat the ranch chickens? 

No.  They are pets.  We do use their eggs, which would otherwise go to waste.  While we are on the subject we do not eat any of the animals on the ranch.  The cows are moms.

When is Willie Nelson going to play another concert at the Ranch? 

There are no plans for this to happen again, and certainly not on a scale involving thousands and thousands of people.  Actually. this is more of a “frequently” asked question.