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Tranquility and Elegance Awaits


Welcome to the Twisp Terrace Lodge! Originally designed as an indulgent secret retreat for world leaders and celebrities, the 21,000 square foot Lodge has many exciting spaces to explore. Find your

favorite spot or spend some time in all of them. Either way is the right way to spend your stay at the Lodge!


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Adjacent to the Lobby is the Olde English Pub. The Pub structure, which dates to the 18th century, was imported in its entirety from England. Matching stools and tables invite you to complete your English Pub experience, or relax in an easy chair by the Pub fireplace. Happy hour begins at the Pub each evening at a time convenient for your party.

Explore the Lodge


The Whistlepig Saloon is on the Lodge Garden Level and decorated in Alpine Ranch style. The Saloon is the place for a cold drink or light snack. The Saloon has satellite television for can’t-miss shows and events; it is also the place for a friendly game of pool. Step through the outside doors to the 12-person hot tub, the heated pool, and the fire pit.

A “whistlepig” is another name for a yellow-bellied marmot, or Rockchuck, who when he feels threatened will alert his fellows with a quick whistle. They will then stop sunning themselves and retreat into their burrows. Rockchucks abound at Rockchuck Ranch. 


The cozy Theater, conveniently located adjacent to the Saloon, offers more than 100 dvd movies and a dedicated connection to Netflix for streaming your favorite shows. The Theater has surround sound

Klipsch speakers, an 75-inch high definition Smart TV, and deluxe movie recliners with electronic controls and mood lighting. The Theater is complimentary to guests and available on a first-come, first-served basis or by reservation. Complimentary popcorn and other snacks are available in the Saloon.


The Cascade Room is 2000 feet of meeting and entertainment space with panoramic views of the ranch and Cascade Mountains. The floor is radiant heated and perfect for yoga (complimentary mats are available). During gaming hours you can play ping-pong, foosball, or air hockey, or watch sporting events on the large television. At other times it is the place to sit by the fire, enjoy afternoon tea, or participate in a cooking demonstration or a coffee, chocolate or wine tasting. If your group has rented the entire Lodge, this space can be used for your special meeting or event. The Cascade Room has an accessible entrance, additional guest bathrooms, a quiet study bar, and a full kitchen


A truly relaxing getaway always includes a trip to the Spa! Set aside an hour or two during your stay to indulge in a luxurious spa service with one of the Methow Valley’s talented massage therapists.

We ask that you book an appointment at least a week in advance of your stay to ensure availability.

To book, call (888) 550-5919, email us, or add a spa service when booking your room online. Spa service is also included in denoted stay packages.



The Lobby is centrally located and is the heart of the Lodge. In the colder months, a roaring fire invites you to settle down with a book or a drink (or both) and take in the breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains. The Lobby is where you will check in to begin your stay, and is normally the gathering place for activities and events. From the Lobby you can make your way to the Pub, the Dining Spaces, upstairs to the Spa or Library, or down either hall to other rooms and areas.


All rooms have spacious private decks or patios. The Lodge also features a broad dining deck connected to the Veranda and the Residential Wing, a relaxing Sun Deck leading from the Sun Room down through the herb and flower garden to the north lawn, and a shaded patio outside the Saloon near the pool and spa pool. In addition, each guest is only steps away from secluded seating and resting areas throughout the 10-acre manicured Lodge grounds.


The Sun Room features one of our 24-hour Refreshment Centers with hot and cold drinks and snacks (more complimentary drinks and snacks, and ice, are available in the Saloon), along with a refrigerator and a microwave oven for the use of guests.  Relax in the comfortable chairs and admire the cloudless sky.  Be sure to examine the wood carvings by renowned local artist Bruce Morrison ( 


The Parlor features one of our 24-hour Refreshment Centers with hot and cold drinks and snacks (more complimentary drinks and snacks, and ice, are available in the Saloon), along with a refrigerator and a microwave oven for the use of guests.  The Parlor is a comfortable place to meet friends, or to enjoy a quiet fire.  The Rockchuck Suite has a balcony overlooking the Parlor.  Legend has it that when the Lodge was a private retreat years ago, politicians would emerge onto this balcony to practice their speeches on the guests below.  

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