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The land that is now Rockchuck Ranch has a farmhouse dating from the late 1800s. Much of what is now the Farmhouse was added later, and the building was extensively remodeled in 2017, but the exterior is faithful to the original building style. Through the 1970s, the property was a working cattle ranch, with several outbuildings and a magnificent vegetable garden. One of the grandchildren of those ranchers is our friend and close neighbor. His pictures from the 1970s show how much, and how little, has changed in the Methow Valley.

In the 1980s, Lou Tice and his wife Diane developed the property as the “Tice Ranch”. The Tices were the founders of the Pacific Institute, a corporation specializing in leadership development. Lou Tice was mentor to and influencer of the likes of Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and countless business leaders, including Dave Sabey. The Lodge, completed in the 1980s, hosted guests such as Willy Nelson, Reba McEntire and other entertainers, presidents of countries as well as executives from Fortune 500 companies and professional and college sports teams.

In 2012, Lou Tice passed away, and the Pacific Institute no longer used Tice Ranch as a learning and entertaining center.

Beth and Eric Blank acquired the property in 2016. The property had been neglected for several years, and needed a considerable amount of “sprucing-up.” Significant renovations included an all-new roof for the 23,000 square-foot main Lodge, a new pool and spa pool, a new cooling tower for the extensive geothermal heat pump system, restoration of the irrigation system, installation of a state of the art fire suppression and alarm/security system, new entry gate electronics and hardware (and a new entry gate), repairs to several miles of fencing, planting of hundreds of replacement fruit trees, and too many other “smaller” projects to list. They have tried to keep the original character of the ranch intact. And so, they are grateful when former guests of Lou Tice tell us that the Lodge and grounds are “just the way we remember it.”


About the Owners

Eric and Beth Blank moved to the Methow Valley from what people in Eastern Washington call “The Coast,” meaning Seattle and the Puget Sound. Eric is an attorney by training who spent most of his career as an investigator and expert for companies who had human-caused troubles relating to computers. Beth was in sales until she and Eric started a family, and then she helped manage their fledgling cybersecurity company, TestudoData. In 2015, Eric and Beth sold TestudoData and started looking around for their next adventure.

It is a privilege to be the owners of Twisp Terrace Lodge. The Lodge offers a totally relaxing break from the hectic pace of the workweek and lets guests get back in touch with themselves, their partners, and the natural world around them. Because they appreciate the pressures of modern life and the importance of stepping away when you can, Eric and Beth strive to make every guest’s stay special, wonderful and memorable. They live in the Owner’s House a half-mile from the Lodge (you can’t see it from the Lodge, but that is a whole different story!) along with their two school-age children and about a zillion pets including, unbelievably, fish.

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